The T‑Ray® 5000 Control Unit (TCU) is the central component of all the TeraMetrix products including the T‑Gauge® Sensor configuration and serves the following functions:

Generates the optical and electrical signals necessary to transmit and detect terahertz (THz) pulses if the TCU is connected to THz accessories; Transforms analog data into a digital signal that can be analyzed using the onboard processor.

The TCU is a 19 inch (483 mm) rack, wall, or table mountable instrument, consisting of an ultrafast laser, high-speed optical delay, ranging optical delay, power supplies, and signal conditioning electronics, with connectors for convenient interfacing to various optical and electronic components.  The high-speed delay included in the TCU can be chosen from a number of delay length and speed options.  A partial list of possible options includes:

  • 320 ps delay with a 100 Hz acquisition rate                         (TCU5210)
  • 80 ps delay with a 1000 Hz acquisition rate                         (TCU5211)
  • 160 ps delay with a 1000 Hz acquisition rate                      (TCU5212)
  • 700 ps delay with a 100 Hz acquisition rate                         (TCU5213)

When utilized in conjunction with T-Gauge accessories, the TCU enables the user to generate and detect pulsed terahertz energy. 

TCU options are available for external digital inputs, outputs and encoders, or a removable hard drive for secure locations.

Environmental Features

Operating Temperature 0 – 50 °C operating temperature
Operating Humidity 20 – 90 % relative (non-condensing)
Operating Shock +/- 15 g pk, ½ sine, 11ms
Operating Vibration Max 5 -500 Hz, 0.006 in. p-p displacement, 1 g
AC Power requirements 100-240 VRMS 50-60 Hz
Power draw 550W maximum
Fuse 5 by 20 mm, time-lag 6.3A, 250V
Overall Physical Dimensions 17.5 x 21.5 x 7.5 (W x D x H, inches), rack, wall, or table mountable
Overall weight 40 lbs (18 kg)

EN 55011 Class A at 10 m
FCC Part 18