The HXC50yn Online Sensor Head (HX50yn) takes the robustness of the T-Ray® 5000 to a new level with the ability to operate in industrial environments.  Reflection measurement of thickness, multi-layer thickness, basis weight, and density are easily acquired.  A variety of lenses are available to adjust the measurement spot size and working distance. 

The transmitter and receiver are securely mounted inside the sealed metal housing. The umbilical for the transceiver, containing the electrical and optical connections, is constructed with high flex rated electrical cable to allow continuous scanning.

When connected to a T-Ray® 5000 Control Unit, the HXC50yn will provide excellent waveform response, capable of providing detailed reflection measurement of layered surfaces.

The HXC50yn is supplied with a detachable Reference Surface that allows convenient system verification and setup.

The Online Sensor Head is available with two different transmitter styles:

  • Type 1 transmitter                   (HXC50y1)
  • Type 2 transmitter                   (HXC50y2)

A Type 1 transmitter is used primarily for producing a pulse that will penetrate attenuating substrates, while the more common Type 2 transmitter should be used in most situations.

The working distance of the lens in the sensor head is specified by the “y” variable of the product number:

Working distance “y” value
150 mm ( 6 in) 5
75 mm (3 in) 4
25 mm (1 in) 2


  • Full transceiver functionality
  • Simple orientation to target
  • Low cost plastic lens
  • Hardened case for industrial environments
  • Use to measure layer thickness, basis weight, density
  • Single high flex umbilical
  • Polarization Extinction Ratio:  >20:1
  • Available working distance:  25, 75, 150 mm
  • Beam Diameter: 40 mm
  • Mounting configuration: ¼-20 threaded mounting holes


Operating Temperature 0 – 50 °C operating temperature
Operating Humidity 20 – 90 % relative (non-condensing)
Operating Shock +/- 15 g pk, ½ sine, 11ms
Operating Vibration 5 -500 Hz, 0.006 in. p-p displacement, 1 g max
Overall Physical Dimensions 5 x 2.5 x 7 (W x D x H, inches)
Overall Weight 3.5 lbs (1.6 kg)
Emissions EN 55011 Class A at 10 m
FCC Part 18