terahertz_adsThe Saf-T-Chek Anomaly Detection System (ADS) is designed for use by domestic or international governments and businesses for security screening of personnel. The Saf-T-Chek ADS® is primarily for detection of anomalous items in the head-region concealed by religious headgear, wigs, hats, caps or scarves. It will allow a security officer to provide targeted screening of personnel with minimal equipment footprint, exceptional ease of use, and light enough to be portable.

The Saf-T-Chek ADS® is a product platform that can potentially be expanded to include other parts of the body reducing the need for privacy invading imaging or pat-downs.

The Saf-T-Chek ADS® performs detection not tied to producing an image or image interpretation. The unit emits a low power beam of thermal energy making it completely safe. The temperature of the person or their surroundings has no effect on the detection. Audible, visible and vibration signals indicate alarms. A measurement quality indicator exists to assist in making a good examination of a location and to help with targeting anomalies.

The handheld sensor provides all of the feedback required to easily locate hidden items. The Saf-T-Chek ADS® is designed and manufactured in the USA to Luna’s quality management system standards.

Saf-T-Chek ADS® Operational Modes

There are three possible operation modes of the anomaly detector:

  1. Detect anomalies by having trained operators examine the raw signal return.
  2. Detect anomalies by letting the embedded computer assist the operator by freezing the signal return when it detects an anomaly.
  3. Detect anomalies by allowing the computer to decide when an anomaly is present.