We provide a range of sensors and accessories to augment the capabilities of our award-winning fiber optic test and sensing equipment.  


We offer a range of HD-FOS sensors for both temperature and strain in varying lengths from 1 meter to 20 meters Our sensors are constructed using standard unaltered fiber optic cable. We also offer a range of custom temperature sensors suitable for challenging applications and rated up to 900 deg C. Download Strain Sensors Data Sheet. Download Sensor Installation Guide.
  Micron Optics Sensors can measure strain, temperature, displacement and acceleration. Optical sensors based on Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) technology deliver high accuracy, stability and premium performance when combined with the HYPERION Interrogator.

Fiber Optic Switches

FOS Our fiber optic switches (FOS) offer cost effective performance and flexibility and allows users to expand the channel count available from either our fiber optic test or sensing products. Luna’s FOS is the only switch certified and tested to be fully compatible with our range of fiber test and sensing products. Download Data Sheet.

Mode Conditioners

Mode_Conditioner_2 These mode conditioners offer the best possible insertion loss and return loss specifications available and are specifically designed to yield the most meaningful measurements of bend losses in multimode fiber (when used with Luna’s OBR). The MC02000-series mode conditioners are also more conducive for portable measurement applications, as they are smaller and more rugged. FC/APC single mode to FC/APC multi-mode fiber.