The Luna OBR 5T-50 is a fast, simple-to-use, low cost precision reflectometer that measures the Insertion Loss (IL) and Return Loss (RL) distribution of passive optical components and modules including PLCs, optical cables, connectors, switches, couplers and more.  This instrument utilizes swept-wavelength interferometry to measure backscattered light as a function of distance with -125 dB sensitivity and 20 micron spatial resolution.  The OBR 5T-50 reduces cost and complexity, while increasing throughput by measuring RL, IL and length with a single measurement.


  • Fault location- Measure RL, IL, length
  • Automated pass/fail inspection and reporting
    • Precision optical cables and connectors
    • PLC and waveguide devices
    • Couplers, switches, beam splitters, etc.
  • Skew measurement with sub picosecond resolution
  • Real-time optical alignment
Return Loss vs. length measurement of a MEMS-based optical switch. The first two reflections are 5.0 mm apart. This measurement was recorded with 20 micron spatial resolution.

Performance Highlights

  • Industry-leading combination of measurement speed, range and accuracy
    • 11.9 Hz  acquisition speed
    •  8.5 meter measurement range
    • 20 micron spatial resolution
    • 0.015% length measurement accuracy
  • Streamlined Graphical User Interface + Software Development Kit included
    • Optimize throughput with customized interface
  • Automatically locates reflective events and yields RL, IL and event location

For more information about Luna’s OBR 5T-50, see the data sheet.

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