Luna’s Optical Backscatter Reflectometer™ (OBR) 4200 is the industry’s only portable, ultra-high resolution reflectometer with backscatter-level sensitivity designed to test short networks. In a small, rugged, easily transportable platform, the OBR 4200 provides the capability to “see” any event in a fiber assembly or network out to 500 meters with no dead-zone and millimeter resolution. With industry-leading sensitivity and resolution in a portable platform, the OBR 4200 is the ultimate tool for manufacturing and on-site inspection and troubleshooting of your fiber optic network.


  • < 3 mm spatial resolution
  • 500 m length range with no dead-zone
  • -120 dB sensitivity
  • 0.1 dB Insertion loss resolution

Key Features:

  • Verify quality of optical fiber cable assemblies, connectors and short-run networks
  • Troubleshoot and distinguish between macro-bends, splices, connectors and breaks
  • Locate insertion loss points – save hours of troubleshooting time
  • Verify return loss of multiple points in a fiber assembly or harness simultaneously
  • Verify and “turn up” aircraft and shipboard networks
  • Customize GUI for automated pass/fail verification of your fiber assembly using software development kit

For more information about Luna’s OBR 4200, see the data sheet.

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