Luna’s Optical Backscatter Reflectometer™ (OBR) delivers unprecedented inspection and diagnostic capabilities for the fiber optics industry. Luna’s state-of-the-art OBR provides isolation of faults and problems well before final test, saving hours in rework and hard dollars in yield loss. Industry-leading 10 micron spatial resolution with zero dead-zone will pinpoint even the smallest contributors to loss: bends, crimps, bad splices, you name it — we find it. The distributed sensing option provides even a more complete picture of what’s happening in the system. Discover what you don’t know about your component and what Luna’s OBR can do for you.

OBR 4600

OBR 5T-50

OBR 4200


Download the OBR – Overview and Applications White Paper


OBR is a polarization-diverse implementation of OFDR that dramatically improves sensitivity and resolution.

See what you’ve been missing with traditional optical instrumentation, such as OTDRs, in this white paper.



Measurement Highlights:

  • High resolution OFDR – Resolve individual features with spatial resolution down to 10 microns.
  • High sensitivity – 70 dB of dynamic range and -130 dB sensitivity.
  • Long range – Measure up to 2000 meters in length with a single connection, single scan.
  • Single Connection IL and RL – Measure insertion and return loss in a single scan.
  • Locate loss events – Monitor backscatter levels to isolate losses due to bends, crimps, bad splices, etc.
  • “Look inside” devices – High resolution and sensitivity enable inspection of individual components within a subsystem.
  • Polarization Tracking – Track changes in the state-of-polarization as light propagates through an optical network.
  • Intuitive graphical interface – All key data and graphs in a simple, easy to use interface.
  • Distributed sensing – Use standard optical fiber to monitor the changes in temperature and strain