In painting applications it can be critical to apply the proper thickness of various coatings.  In the construction of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the specialty coatings that are applied provide protection to the pilot and the airframe.  

The T-Gauge Sensor, here shown in its Class 1 Division 1 form, can be used in explosive environments, like a paint booth, to measure the thickness of the coating as it is being applied layer by layer.

In the example below, the change in application rate can be seen as the layers were added.  

Typical Product Configuration:

  • T-Ray 5000 Control Unit
  • Explosion Proof Transceiver and 10m umbilical
  • 5 meter Umbilical with electrical isolation barrier
  • Junction Boxes
  • T-Ray Server Software
  • Optional: 20m CID1 Umbilical Extension