Foam manufacturing poses unique challenges in process control.  Contact gauges cannot be used due to the compressibility of the foam, and to delay measurement until after the foam is set can incur substantial process feedback delays.  

The T-Gauge® Sensor is capable of measuring the density and thickness of the foam using a non-contact scanning collocated measurement.  By independently measuring the amount of material present and the physical thickness of the product, the density is measured in real time providing a new level of process control. 

The sensor can also measure the density of the foam layer where there are layers of other materials (e.g. paper board or plastic liner sheet) around the foam layer.  The sensor is also insensitive to the color of the foam due to the long wavelength of the pulse.  

Typical Product Configuration:

  • T-Ray 5000 Control Unit
  • Online Sensor with VRS
  • Umbilical
  • T-Ray Server Software
  • Optional:  Junction Box
  • Optional:  Umbilical Extension

Application Notes: