In asphalt shingle production, the weight is measured by a nuclear sensor placed after the sand and stones have been applied, however, the fundamental control for the weight is the thickness of asphalt applied to the mat.  The long process delay (up to 400 ft.) between the application of the asphalt and the measurement of the weight limits the speed of process control.

The T-Gauge Sensor can be deployed immediately following the asphalt bath and can provide reliable measurement of product thickness even in this hot environment.  

A thermal enclosure is used to isolate the sensor from the heat, and a low flow vortex cooler reduces the enclosures internal temperature. 

High-speed feedback then provides excellent process control to improve product quality and optimize raw material usage.  

Typical Product Configuration:

  • T-Ray 5000 Control Unit
  • Online Sensor
  • Thermal Enclosure
  • Umbilical
  • T-Ray Server Sofware
  • Optional:  Junction Box
  • Optional:  Umbilical Extension