OBR 6200 Series – Portable Optical Backscatter Reflectometer
• Fully portable and rugged dual-channel OBR
• Troubleshoot fiber assemblies in the field
• Maintain avionics, aerospace, naval and industrial networks
• Verify fiber lengths of data center interconnects



Luna 6415
• High-speed analyzer for production test and quality control
• Reflectometer and transmission analyzer combined in single instrument
• Measure distributed loss versus length with very high resolution
• Spectral analysis of transmission and reflection paths



OVA Component Analyzers
• Complete characterization of waveguide devices
• Full polarization analysis without need for polarization controller or aligned PM fiber
• Instantaneous measurement of IL, RL, PDL, PMD, TE/TM states, waveguide scatter, and more in less than 3 seconds



OBR Reflectometers
• Unprecedented visibility into the details of silicon photonics, PICs and fiber optic components
• 10 μm resolution; -140 dB sensitivity
• Waveguide scattering and loss easily measured and analyzed 



Tunable Lasers
• Full C-band tunability
• Smooth, linear scans
• Industry-leading wavelength accuracy and resolution
• Integrated wavelength and power monitors
• Superior noise characteristics



Luna’s family of advanced optical test and measurement products
are based on optical frequency domain reflectometry (OFDR)
and deliver industry leading dynamic range, resolution and speed.