Distributed Vibration Measurements Extend Capabilities of Key Monitoring Applications

Monitoring applications have driven the widespread adoption of fiber optic sensors in many industries, spanning civil infrastructure, geotechnical applications, energy systems and general manufacturing. New fiber optic accelerometer technology that provides distributed vibration measurements can extend capabilities for structural health monitoring, dynamic analysis, security and other monitoring systems.

These applications have typically utilized some combination of strain, temperature, pressure and displacement monitoring, which are mostly static. This new optical vibration monitoring technology, based on Fabry-Perot technology, high-speed precision interrogators and real-time data processing and analytics, enables a new level of capabilities and applications benefiting from high-performance, dynamic data.

The ability to easily and economically acquire and synchronize multiple high-precision fiber optic accelerometer measurements brings highly sensitive and precise acceleration measurements to fiber optic sensing systems. Multiple accelerometers can be multiplexed and measured simultaneously on a single optical fiber. This enables the easy and economical distribution of many vibration measurement points over large areas and across large structures.

Luna’s os7500 fiber optic accelerometer is based on patent-pending Fabry-Pérot (FP) technology. Specifically tuned to address challenging environments, the os7500 provides the user the ability to accurately measure vibrations with frequency ranges up to 350 Hz and with the highest levels of sensitivity.

Take a close look at this new fiber optic accelerometer technology with demonstrations and examples of the sensor working the Luna HYPERION interrogator and ENLIGHT software. Check out our On-Demand Webinar: Optical Vibration Measurements Enable New Solutions for Key Monitoring Applications.