Time-Domain Terahertz Sensing Does a Better Job Measuring Critical Product Parameters in Medical Tubing

As the demand for more complex, precisely controlled medical tubing increases, it is increasingly important to have monitoring methods that can provide the full range of product information necessary for the manufacturers to profitably manufacture and validate their products. Most high-performance medical tubing products are produced by extrusion processes. A hopper of raw polymer pellets feeds into a heater element to melt the material to…Read More

Luna Innovations Provides Comprehensive Solutions for OCT Systems

OCT image resolution, which can be 100 times better than conventional ultrasound, has profound implications for the diagnosis of internal problems in biological tissues as well as inorganic samples. OCT has become increasingly popular for medical applications such as non-invasive opthalmological imaging, endoscopic gastrointestinal tract imaging and diagnostics for coronary intervention. Fiber-based OCT systems require precise polarization management, accurate delay control, fast wavelength tuning and complete optical…Read More

Distributed Vibration Measurements Extend Capabilities of Key Monitoring Applications

Monitoring applications have driven the widespread adoption of fiber optic sensors in many industries, spanning civil infrastructure, geotechnical applications, energy systems and general manufacturing. New fiber optic accelerometer technology that provides distributed vibration measurements can extend capabilities for structural health monitoring, dynamic analysis, security and other monitoring systems. These applications have typically utilized some combination of strain, temperature, pressure and displacement monitoring, which are mostly…Read More

Polarization Extinction Ratio Measurement Methods and Applications

Polarization extinction ratio (PER), a measure of the degree to which light is confined in a principal linear polarization mode, is an important performance parameter for many lasers and for PM fiber components and systems. In addition to its use in characterizing finished components, PER measurement is necessary for active alignment of PM connectors. Common methods for measuring PER have different capabilities and limitations. An…Read More

Techniques for Measuring the PDL of Optical Systems or Components

As a result of rapidly accelerating demand for higher bandwidths, data center connections are migrating from 25G/100G to 400G/800G transmission speeds. Coherent receivers are expected to be able to mitigate the effects of PDL because it limits the bandwidth capacity of high-speed communication systems. Unlike other impairments that can be compensated for, such as polarization mode dispersion (PMD), PDL causes pulse distortion that cannot be…Read More

Structural Health Monitoring is Critical for Dams as America’s Infrastructure Continues to Age

The collapse of two dams in Midland County, Michigan, has created catastrophic flooding and devastation to communities along the Tittabawassee River. The Edenville Dam, constructed in 1924 and breached Tuesday, was on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s list of high hazard dams, and the previous owners were warned about safety issues. Its collapse lead to flood waters rushing into Sanford Lake, causing the failure of the Sanford…Read More

Luna Releases Portable High-Resolution Reflectometer for Field Maintenance Applications

Luna has released the industry’s highest resolution portable reflectometer. The OBR 6220 Series performs advanced inspection and diagnostics of fiber optic assemblies and networks.  Luna’s proven Optical Backscatter Reflectometer (OBR) technology provides advanced design, diagnostic and inspection capabilities to fiber-optic manufacturers, developers and installers by illustrating a map, in ultra-high resolution, of an optical link. OBR 6200 Series instruments are rugged, hand-held reflectometers with ultra-high sensitivity…Read More

Join Luna Innovations at OFC 2020!

Luna Innovations will demo and display the industry’s most comprehensive range of solutions for photonic test, measurement and control during and OFC. OFC, which takes place March 8-12 in San Diego, is the world’s largest conference and exhibition for optical communications and networking professionals.  Luna and General Photonics will have a variety of demo stations in our booth (3547): Advancing Fiber Optic Network Test OBR 4600: High-Resolution Reflectometer with Zero Dead…Read More

Embedding Fiber Optic Sensors for Active Feedback Control in Thermoplastic Welding

Luna engineers recently participated in the Toray Advanced Composites Induction Welding Workshop at the McNair Center. The workshop connected suppliers, researchers and innovators of thermoplastic welding in the aerospace industry, which joins composite materials via fusion bonding or welding. Temperature control is a challenge when employing thermoplastic welding. The appropriate temperature at the weld surface must be achieved with sufficient force to join the two components. Currently, the…Read More

Luna’s Latest America’s Cup Partnership Builds on Strong History with Racing Yachts

Luna’s HYPERION and ODiSI will be a part of the development of the DEFIANT, the New York Yacht Club’s boat competing in the 36th America’s Cup as American Magic.   The monohull designs under development for the AC75 class employ hydrofoils, which provide lift similar to airfoils, producing much greater speed and efficiency. However, foil design must overcome drag, which is dependent on foil shape and configuration….Read More