The development of modern textiles ranges from the canvases of inflatable habitats, to protective uniforms and all the way down to the characteristics of individual fibers. The engineering team at Luna is committed to advancing the technology of textiles for advanced materials applications. Our finishing technologies can provide controlled barrier properties, fluid repellency, reduced friction and flame resistance. Luna has also investigated the use of knit and non-woven materials for apparel and reinforcement within polymer matrix composites.

Self-Cleaning / Decontaminating

Luna is a leader in textile finish development for providing hydrophobic, oleophobic and decontaminating surface properties to conventional fabrics. Our omniphobic textile treatment has passed numerous demonstration trials with the US military and first responder uniforms and the commercial product is being sold by our licensing partner UltraTech international. For more information follow the link to their website here. These uniforms shed both aqueous and oil based fluids while remaining breathable for reducing the thermal burden of the wearer. Luna’s chemists have also incorporated molecular agents that can provide a defense against bacteria and fungus, while breaking down odor causing chemicals for improved wearability.


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Damage Resistant

For more extreme textile applications including sails, parachutes and spacesuits, Luna’s textile team has developed additional finishes for advanced fabric materials. Our low friction coating is wash durable and provides superior deployment capability to parachutes without causing damage. Current research interests include providing additional levels of dust penetration, abrasion resistance and damage tolerance to fabrics used in mining and space applications. Luna also has a history of developing flame retardant additives and treatments that are also being investigated for textile applications.


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