Luna Labs has an extensive portfolio of coatings, additives and surface treatment technologies for aerospace and consumer applications. We have experience across various stages of coating and surface treatment development, from the synthesis of additives and organic/inorganic binders to formulation and application optimization.


Flexible Primer Reverse ImpactAerospace primers with the ability to accommodate impact, flexing and vibrations are widely used for corrosion and erosion protection, but increasingly stringent air quality regulations and a desire to eliminate chrome inhibitors are driving a search for new primers. Luna’s Low-VOC, Non-Chrome Flexible Aerospace Primers provide the rapid reactivity, pot life and adhesion of epoxies with the flexibility, weatherability, and chemical resistance of polyurethanes, without exposing the end user to the risk of isocyanates.



CNT PrimersLuna has developed coating additives based on organic/inorganic hybrid nanomaterials that can deliver corrosion inhibitors and arrest crack propagation. Luna’s Non-Chrome Corrosion-Resistant Primers with Carbon Nanotubes have demonstrated excellent performance in both neutral and acidified salt fog testing. In combination with common non-chrome corrosion inhibitors, they provide synergistic effects and enhance corrosion resistance, barrier properties and mechanical strength.

Luna is also positioning itself at the forefront of corrosion protection with coatings that autonomously repair corrosion damage. Luna’s Self-Healing Coatings for Corrosion Protection can be applied using chrome-free, low-VOC water based formulations. The innovative coatings improve operational efficiency by reducing aircraft downtime and associated repair costs.

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Low Profile Surface Treatments

image2017-1-26 9-47-41Luna has developed new coating systems that provide the absorption, reflection or scattering of light for camouflage, thermal control and anti-glare applications. Our novel color matching Durable Tire Coatings can be applied to automobile tires with reduced fading and wear. Luna offers a range of pigmentation and color options that can be formulated within our proprietary, high adhesion spray coating for tire rubber. These coatings are engineered to flex and bend with the tire without cracking, while maintaining mechanical and traction properties. Luna’s Low Solar Absorption Coatings provide superior thermal control and environmental resistance to aerospace platforms. Luna has developed a number of additives and resin systems that can provide a high total reflectance (diffuse and specular) for satellite and aerospace applications where solar energy absorption is detrimental to performance. The coatings team has also developed aerospace coating formulations for EMI shielding, lightning strike and electromagnetic radiation absorption. 

Hydrophobic and Oleophobic Coatings

image2017-1-26 9-47-35There have been significant academic and commercial developments in the area of hydrophobic, superhydrophobic, and oleophobic coatings that are intended to shed water and oil from surfaces. Whereas many technologies and coatings have demonstrated the primary goal of achieving watershedding properties, they have lacked mechanical and environmental durability, have been difficult to apply, and are cost-prohibitive. Luna has developed an array of extremely durable, easily applied hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings that repel water and corrosion-causing contaminants from the surface of metals. One of our most mature technologies, Luna’s suite of robust hydrophobic coatings has demonstrated effectiveness for rain repellency and erosion on a number of transparent substrates. This coating sheds water efficiently while being highly abrasion resistant for an enduring useful lifetime after application. Luna’s scientists have also developed modified formulations for preventing and/or shedding ice (anti-icing), which are of particular interest in aerospace and cold climates where atmospheric icing can cause significant damage.

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Luna’s Gentoo™ Advanced Hydrophobic Coating