Luna Labs has extensive experience in electromagnetic coatings, adhesives, and elastomers for aerospace applications. Materials can be tailored for cure profile, mechanical properties, electrical conductivity, insertion loss, permeability, and permittivity.  We have manufactured electromagnetic products for demanding aerospace specifications including conductive structural adhesives, rapid-cure and highly conductive sealants, charge dissipating conformal coatings, EMI shielding fabrics, and high permeability elastomer sheets for antenna applications. We have experience controlling electromagnetic properties and material tailoring while balancing practical requirements such as handling and production costs, form factor control, and environmental durability.  Luna can develop custom electromagnetic products meeting stringent performance requirements by working closely with technical experts, manufacturers, and end users to assure successful technology transition.

Electrically Conductive Structural Adhesives 

image2017-2-20 17-2-18Luna has developed two types of epoxy adhesives that combine the strength of a structural adhesive with the conductivity and shielding of an electrical adhesive.  Luna XPN1 is a nickel-filled system and Luna XPC1 is an all carbon variant for nickel intolerant applications. Both adhesives have demonstrated performance for use in bonding applications for ESD protection, EMI shielding, and possibly lightning strike dissipation. The adhesives are suitable for use with bare and treated aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, and carbon composites.  The products demonstrate comparable lap shear strength to legacy structural epoxies, exhibit very low bond resistance, and are suitable for both spatula and syringe application, and some filling/potting applications.

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Charge-Dissipating Coatings

image2017-2-20 16-34-57

Luna has developed a charge dissipating conductive conformal coating to enable greater radiation hardening and electrostatic discharge (ESD) mitigation for spacecraft electronics.  Space mission planners are continually striving to push technologies further to explore new and environmentally harsh regions of the universe.  Associated space systems must meet their performance requirements regardless of environmental conditions and their engineering design and construction are paramount to their success.  There is therefore a need for advanced materials to protect sensitive spacecraft electronics from harsh energetic conditions across a variety of different mission platforms.  

The LUNA XP-CD coating offers ESD protection by providing “just enough” electrical conductivity to effectively leak charge to ground before dangerous discharge can occur.  However, it is resistive enough to protect underlying electronics from short circuiting and cross-talk interference, while also offering traditional environmental protection common to conformal coatings.  The coating is being evaluated as part of the NASA upcoming Shields-1 CubeSat mission.   


Magnetodielectric Elastomeric Films

image2017-2-20 17-12-19Luna has developed a series of thin and flexible magnetodielectric (MD) sheet materials that are suitable for EM shielding and conformal antenna applications.  The flexible MD material consists of magnetic and dielectric fillers incorporated into a thermoplastic matrix.  Stiff/rigid formulation variants have also been explored for specific applications that require electromagnetically anisotropic or isotropic materials. Values of µ’ as high as 10 have been obtained with µ’/e’ ratios of ~0.5 through the film thickness.