Luna’s Latest America’s Cup Partnership Builds on Strong History with Racing Yachts

Luna’s HYPERION and ODiSI will be a part of the development of the DEFIANT, the New York Yacht Club’s boat competing in the 36th America’s Cup as American Magic.
The monohull designs under development for the AC75 class employ hydrofoils, which provide lift similar to airfoils, producing much greater speed and efficiency. However, foil design must overcome drag, which is dependent on foil shape and configuration. Custom engineering and construction with new materials requires advanced strain sensing capabilities in both the design and in situ phases.
Luna’s Atlanta location (formerly Micron Optics) has worked on racing yachts since 2003, as a partner for teams throughout Europe, Asia and North America. Fiber optic sensing devices are part of the system that evaluates critical structural components, informs sailing tactics and ensures safety for racing yachts, which are expected to reach speeds around 50 knots. The HYPERION provides a streamlined solution for real-time, onboard analysis of performance during sail and racing, while Luna’s ODiSI delivers the high-definition data for in-depth analysis and design optimization.
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