Develop More Reliable Batteries with High-Definition Fiber Optic Sensing

Lithium-ion batteries, with high energy density and long life compared to other rechargeable chemistries, are widely used today in devices ranging from cell phones to laptops to vehicles. One drawback of these batteries, however, is that an internal fault can initiate heating and very quickly trigger a positive feedback loop that can result in a dangerous thermal runaway event.

High-Definition Fiber Optic Sensing (HD-FOS), provides an effective method of monitoring and mapping temperature profiles in battery cells and packs. At The Battery Show this week in Novi, Michigan, Luna is presenting a technical paper on “Early Detection of Li-Ion Failure Using Distributed Fiber Optic Sensors.”  The paper describes work done with the University of Texas as Arlington to use Luna ODiSI and HD-FOS to detect the onset of thermal events so that action can be taken to prevent failure of the battery cell. Fiber optic sensors were installed within cells, on the surface of a cell and across the contacts of a pack to understand how high-definition temperature data can be effectively used in a protection scheme. 


Curious About High-Definition Fiber Optic Sensing? Learn How Luna Innovations Can Address Your Temperature Testing Challenges.