Free Webinar – Hosted by LUNA: Accelerating R&D in Silicon Photonics and PICs

Measuring silicon photonic devices presents a unique set of challenges. Luna will be hosting a webinar on August 31st, “Accelerating research & development in silicon photonics and photonic integrated circuits through fast and accurate optical characterization”, that will discuss how the capabilities of the OVA 5000 and OBR 4600 can be used to reduce the amount of iteration in the design, fab and test process….Read More

Upcoming Webinar with Zeus Industrial Products

Zeus Industrial Products partnered with Luna Innovations to evaluate PEEK coating for optical fiber. The PEEK was applied using an enhanced coating process developed by Zeus. Testing was done using Luna’s OBR 4600 to assess the effects of the PEEK coating process on the fibers signal attenuation.  Test results showed that the Zeus PEEK coated fiber performed at least as well as – and in…Read More

Introducing the ODiSI-B 5.0

  Today we introduced major enhancements to our ODiSI platform that provide valuable new capabilities to better measure strain and temperature. To keep pace with tomorrow, you need advanced technology in order to test advanced technology. Are you ready? Advanced materials are creating new challenges in the lab as well as on the production floor. While testing metals is easy, the anisotropic characteristics of composite…Read More

CouNT Assay to Quantitatively Measure and Detect Carbon Nanotubes

Zhiguo Zhou, Ph.D.Director of Luna Nanomaterials Group The enormous potential of carbon nanotubes (CNT) and their successful incorporation in commercial products including bulk composite materials and thin films have dramatically increased their production worldwide to more than 10,000 metric tons per year. As with many new materials, toxicology concerns are being raised with CNTs regarding their interactions with humans and any safety hazards and environmental…Read More

Luna’s Base Ensemble Uniform Technology on Display on Capitol Hill

First responders in the police, fire, and EMS community commonly enter situations with unknown threats wearing only standard duty uniforms.  These uniforms offer little to no protection against atypical threats.  Higher level protection is available with Multi-threat Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and it is capable of withstanding chemical/biological, cut, and puncture hazards, but they either do not exist in one garment or are bulky and…Read More

Characterizing devices with the OVA 5000 – Accelerating R&D in Silicon Photonics

The OVA 5000 – Speeding Development of Silicon Photonics Research The Luna OVA 5000 has many features and capabilities that can dramatically reduce laboratory test time in the pursuit of Silicon Photonics research. One of the more significant, yet often overlooked, capabilities is the OVA’s ability to measure a device’s linear transfer function and then derive a wide variety of industry standard parameters with a…Read More

You Can’t Fix What You Can’t See – Luna’s OBR 4600 Enables Unprecedented Visibility into Silicon Photonics Designs

At the recent OFC show in Anaheim California, Luna Innovations showcased how their OBR 4600 reflectometer helps advance research in the field of Silicon Photonics.  Working with the Blumenthal and Bowers Optoelectronics Research Groups at the University of California Santa Barbara, Luna Innovations demonstrated how the OBR 4600 can be used to determine the distributed loss across a 1 meter spiral delay line fabricated on…Read More

Luna’s Assay Tests Water Quality Four Times Faster than Existing Methods

Christopher Tison, PhD, Senior Research Scientist and Biomedical Technologies Team LeadNathaniel Talley, Associate ScientistBiomedical Technologies Group Detection of E. coli is Inefficient and Costly The presence of Escherichia coli (E. coli) is one of the more critical indicators of water quality and is used as a direct indicator of fecal contamination. However, existing detection methods are costly, time-consuming, require laboratory expertise, and take up to…Read More

Luna’s Synthetic Bandages for the Treatment of Ocular Trauma to be presented at World Biomaterials Congress

Lauren Costella, Associate ScientistChristopher Tison, PhD, Team LeaderBiomedical Technologies Group Ocular Injuries are Widespread and Inefficiently Treated Up to two million people sustain ocular trauma that threatens to reduce or eliminate their vision each year. The likelihood of maintaining normal vision is directly related to immediate management of the injury. Having access to the appropriate ocular repair dressing, cleansing solutions and antibiotics is therefore critical…Read More

Reducing Prescription Opioid Addiction with Controlled Release Bandages

Christopher Tison, PhD, Senior Research ScientistBiomedical Technologies Group Opioid Dependence is a Critical Public Health Crisis Since 2003, deaths from drug overdose have increased in almost every county in the United States. This growing public health crisis has been routinely reported on over the last several years, and the federal government has very recently published the first national standards for prescription painkillers. In 2014, the…Read More